Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Rules are for fools

Just an update on my Break the Rules self-challenge to wear some of the trends I would usually consider a no-no. I tried out #1: White Tights last week, and was pleasantly surprised. I decided to go for a full on Alice in Wonderland look with a belted high-waist skirt, hairband and china blue and white tones, but having worn them I think they'd go pretty well with lots of little dresses I own.

I'd say they require a short-ish skirt or dress and quite lofty heels if you're a 5"4 munchkin like me, and I went for little black round-toe dolly shoes which I thought worked pretty well for a birthday meal. Overall, very cute, a nice winter-spring crossover look and made me feel very quirky and chic. Big tick for trend experiment number one.

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