Wednesday, 24 March 2010

For the Record

Ok... I'm often peturbed by how people with miniscule talent and giant bleached teeth take good airtime from truly amazing talents, but on this occasion it's just silly.

So how on earth is Cheryl 'struggling to sing my own song' Cole MURDERING this on Live Lounge, and they haven't booked the lovely Tori Allen-Martin a spot? This is what we call singing, Live Lounge producers. Note how she's emitting pleasant sounds, whilst simultaneously being able to produce more than three words in one breath.

Just saying.

The worst bit, if you can pick one, is at 1:39. Ouch.

Smooth and creamy as a Bailey's Latte.


  1. I mean, I'd always rate the Tor above La Cole, but seriously? That live lounge is frigging awful. Whilst of course, Miss Allen-Martin is b-e-a-ootiful.

  2. so touched.
    SO, SO touched.
    thank you x

  3. It appeared to delete my comment so sorry if I'm posting this twice!

    The Cheryl clip is ridiculous! Also, what I dont get is there are plenty of people in the music industry who cant sing but their "people" are smart enough to give them easy songs, autotune them and not let them near anything with "live" in the title. Who was deluded enough to think Live Lounge was a good idea for her?
    And the second clip is awesome, Tori so needs a record deal, what is up with the world?

  4. Wow, you are amazing in that video Tori. Truly amazing.
    I have, of course, always had that same question rolling around in my head, but have often had to let it go and accept that that's just how things are, because otherwise it can drive you insane - like a small child kicking the back of your chair on a airplane. But after watching those 2 videos it's fair to say that the small child is back with a vengeance.

  5. i have chills (from tori)....cheryl's "people" are out to prove somthing that is incorrect eg cheryl can sing live!! pah! is what i say!! it's all about media hype these days and "popularity" tori WILL make it because she is hard workin determined and most important of all has a b e a utiful voice and is absolutely lovely!!

  6. The singer in the second clip is far, far more talented than Cheryl. The piano playing is great too - really sensitively played.

  7. After watching Over the Rainbow tonight I also think Tori would have put many of the Dorothys to shame!What was going on with the singing?Have they been taking lessons from Cheryl Cole?