Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Green Shoots

Ok, so things have been a bit bleak lately. I'm not exactly what you'd call on track, life wise. But today, a perfectly good day to curl up under the duvet and quietly hate the world, I decided to get out instead. I wandered up through the park I used to play in as a child, I breathed in the air and I just had a look around. It felt strange at first to not be going anywhere - I always seem to be on a mission, whatever I'm doing.

I don't know if it was the time we'd spent apart or the insane early-afternoon light, but the park looked absolutely beautiful today. Still a few moody clouds peppering the sky, the sun had decided to resurface after what felt like weeks (months?) of grey, cold, unappealing days. The sunlight pouring through the trees and on to the lake really made me stop and look, and feel the warmth on my face.

The clouds have rolled back in now and it looks like it might rain, but the refreshed feeling I got from wandering around taking snapshots of my afternoon is still here.

This is all beginning to sound a bit Buddhist-hippie irritating, but my point is this. Someone like me is highly inclined to stay in, to mooch, to review the bad things, to dwell on the bigger picture. But getting outside, seeing the colours right there on your doorstep, hanging out with some more chilled out life forms like ducks and frogs - that's what makes you realise that right now is actually a really nice time to be alive. Then life stops being this horrific obstacle course and starts feeling like a walk in the park.


  1. Hi Miss Write
    I love the pictures you have taken, they are really pretty esp the first one with the sun shining through. Reminds me spring is on its way so thank you for that.
    I love it when I take my little dog for a walk around the lake and there is noone else around. Its one of the most relaxing and strangest sensations, your head feels so clear and I love to feel the air filling my lungs xx

  2. Total buddha like Luce!!!
    Very 'EAT PRAY LOVE' ! ;)
    Lisa xxx