Thursday, 20 May 2010

The heart of the matter

Stephen Fry recently tweeted a link to this letter to a local Vermont newspaper. The Valley News apparently receives regular letters from Vermont's aggressively Christian/conservative residents about the 'homosexual menace' they perceive to be infecting their fine community. Eventually a local mother of a gay man wrote this passionate missive to contradict - and reason with - the prejudiced group. It is very striking (Fry admitted it made him cry) and well written; not necessarily because the writer is superbly educated, gifted or has a better point - although she does - but because it is simply and logically expressed and comes straight from deeply-felt personal experience.

I just thought I'd pass it on as it is a perfect example of how to express your point without resorting to overly emotional or defensive tactics - this is the kind of writing I'd be proud to produce. I know mine isn't flawless (as some readers kindly remind me on a weekly basis) but I'm still learning and developing my opinions, and I hope that in time I can get somewhere near this level of eloquence.

It also put me in mind of this post, and the fact that tolerance does work both ways. I wouldn't want someone to have to hide their sexuality in the workplace (although like religion, I believe your business is your business) so even I learned something important reading it. A good link to pass on to any anti-gay acquaintances you might have, religious or not - sometimes people have to see a human example to make a move towards acceptance.

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  1. I agree, that is a perfect example of how to express your point without resorting to overly emotional or defensive tactics.
    Your writing may not be flawless, (who can claim to be flawless though?) but it is certainly entertaining and refreshing to read your opinions on such a variety of things..
    I think the person who posts as anon so vehemently is deeply troubled. Perhaps threatened? You are turning out quality blogs that are enthralling and entertaining; perseverance will surely lead to 'main stage' success? After all, is that not the dream? I hope I haven't got it all wrong and you are actually striving to remain an 'underground' writer! As ever, I wish you all the best with your path to greatness!