Wednesday, 27 January 2010

The Best Medicine

I don't know about you, but I'm in need of some smile therapy right now. Newly single, I am reminded of the moment in the SATC movie when jilted Carrie asks 'Will I ever laugh again?' and Miranda advises her that she will - 'When something is really, really funny.' As I'm not prepared to sit around waiting for my friends to soil themselves, I have to make my own amusement, and here are some of my quick-fix remedies to give you an instant lift:

Glee. Every line, every song - the whole concept is absolute gold. Become a Gleek and every week will get off to a better start.

Reading snippets from spoof US News site The Onion at your desk. Silly, perfectly crafted and an instant laughter drug. Also loving my horoscope on there this week: 'You'll find happiness at the end of the rainbow this week, though to be fair, it's the kind often found hanging outside of gay clubs.'

Really creamy, cinammon-laced hot chocolate. Not laughter exactly, but a smile and a warming glow from top to toe can't hurt.

Reading badly written erotic literature with your bestest girl friends (you know who you are.)

Chick flicks with a twist - I recommend mockumentary Drop Dead Gorgeous, high school Heathfest 10 Things I Hate About You and Tina Fey-scripted Mean Girls.

Extra-curricular fun: No, not playing away, but joining a club or team. Rehearsing with the choir I am part of is one of the most laughter-filled evenings of my week. Slightly music-geeky joking and the fact that we don't take ourselves too seriously means it's less work, more play.

Dave on TV - Russell Howard's little-boy delight in the world makes Mock The Week the prozac of panel shows, and the sharp minds and witty one-liners on Have I Got News for You and QI also do the trick.

Revisiting an old favourite. I am re-reading Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason on the train, and had forgotten how funny it is. Brilliant for realizing you're not the cringiest of females quite yet.

Overhearing the bizarre dialogue or phone conversation of a fellow train passenger. I'm not sure why this works for me, but the weirder the better.

Catching yourself in a moment of extra-strength crazy - think imaginary scenarios, almost-sent texts, facebook stalking or being overly riled by the tone of a Starbucks barista. It's oddly reassuring to laugh at yourself.

Do comment with smile-inducing tips and tricks if you can - the tiny things in life can really make or break your day, and mine are looking a little bleak at the moment...


  1. Great blog =)

    I second the hot chocolates suggestion, adding Baileys helps with that one too. I'm also currently loving Vanilla Chai Lattes which you should definetly try, sweet vanilla cinnamon taste, yum.

    Watching One Tree Hill is a guilty pleasure for me, it has the drama of the OC but everything always turns out alright in the end and you get a thought for the day.

    Putting on West End tunes (particularly Defying Gravity-the Kerry Ellis rock edit) very loudly when you're alone in your room and either singing along loudly or even just lip synching is always fun and gives you that 'screw you world, no ones gonna bring ME down' feeling =)

    Making a fort. You definetly need to try this one. Childish? Yes, but a whole lot of fun.

    Reading something that makes you snigger aloud on public transport always makes me laugh even more as I'm then laughing at myself. I used to read 'The cat that could open the fridge' on the way to work and it always had that affect.

    Those are just a few for now, I'll post if I think of anything else.

  2. ah no break ups are always tough, I recently discovered an Australian series called 'Summer Heights High', it's like a sort of spoof on neighbours and home and away with one guy playing the three main characters - always makes me laugh on a bad day.

    Another pick me up is splurging on luxury bath products...particularly from Jo Malone :) in fact any kind of retail therapy puts a smile on my face.

  3. Perhaps not friends with dysentary, but just friends, the only back to normality. (or small children falling over :)

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